Smile, Samsung Partner on 4G Delivery

Smile Communications Nigeria and Samsung have partnered to deliver 4G LTE broadband to West Africa.
The companies will leverage Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone to provide the service, one which the partners described as being the first of its kind in West Africa.
Michiel Buitelaar, ‎managing director of Smile Communications Nigeria, said the broadband service will benefit millions of telecoms subscribers.Buitelaar said Smile has been repositioned to transform the telephony experience with the $365 million funding it recently secured.
“This partnership is significant to us in an effort to transform subscribers’ telephony experience. It is going to change the face of broadband to assist Nigerians in their different endeavours,” he said.
“With the US$365 dollars funding, we are ready to double our network output, spread to different cities and continue enhancing our network capacity by next year. So, we are excited to work in partnership with Samsung which invests in R&D, understands the market and has unleashed the first LTE compliant smartphone in Nigeria.
“Smile Communications Nigeria is not only the first authentic 4G LTE provider in Nigeria, but the first to go into this performance enhancing partnership with Samsung – a global technology giant.”
Emmanouil Revmatas, ‎director of Information Technology and Mobile at Samsung Electronics West Africa, said the partnership underscored the need for both companies to enhance the customer experience through their product propositions.
He said, “The Galaxy S6 edge has the world’s first-ever dual curved edge display, which distinguishes the device as the ultimate premium Smartphone. This partnership with Smile on S6 edge is the first of its kind in Nigeria, offering consumers the opportunity to drive productivity with a unique smartphone coupled with the 4G experience that Smile LTE network offers.
“Our collaboration with Smile on the Galaxy S6 Edge LTE launch is a staunch affirmation of Samsung’s drive for novelty in the smartphone market globally. Samsung is committed to continuously engaging in partnerships that highlight innovations that create an impact in the life of consumers’. This partnership with Smile on S6 Edge will give Nigerians the opportunity to drive productivity with a unique smartphone coupled with the 4G experience that Smile LTE network offers.”
Explaining the service, Alero Ladipo, chief marketing officer, Smile Nigeria said customers can enjoy the deal at all Smile Stores and selected Samsung stores.
According to Ladipo, the partnership with Samsung gives the customer the opportunity to own the latest Samsung LTE compliant smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S6 edge with a Samsung complimentary clear cover) and a 5GB bundle SmileOn plan for a fixed price.”

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