“Investment Promotion Council is Attracting UAE Business Interest” – Ladi Katagun

Director, Overseas and Domestic Operations, Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NPIC), Ladi Katagum

We provide the framework for investment in Nigeria, being the gateway of investment to Nigeria.
We are promoting targeted investment in among Nigerian companies and helping them to identify investors in different sectors, before introducing them to Nigeria.

One of the areas that government is boosting investment in Nigeria is by developing and putting the right infrastructure in place.
Nigeria is still ranked very low in investment rating and government is doing everything possible to boost the rating.

We are in Dubai to discuss ways of bringing investors to Nigeria and to guide them on how to successfully invest in Nigeria. NIPC has been holding several meetings with the Dubai government on how to attract investment from UAE to Nigeria and we have been giving assurances of their support on this. UAE is a success story when it comes to investment and we want to learn from their success story.

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