NIMC DG Stresses the Relevance of NIN

A National Identity system is necessary for any country to thrive in our ever-transforming digital world. As the world continues to adopt Smart systems, the national identity system of any country that seeks to play an active role in the international community must be digitized, incorporating smart systems that are of the best security standards.

The National Identity Management Commission- NIMC is responsible for creating a national identity database system for Nigeria. NIMC DG, Engr. Aliyu A. Aziz says that the commission is taking measures to provide a comprehensive, smart, and secure personal identity system for Nigerians.

According to Engr. Aliyu, “the goal of the NIMC is to foster the orderly development of an identity sector in Nigeria through the development of a modern and universally acceptable identity management infrastructure”. As a mechanism for implementing government’s reform initiative in the identity sector the NIMC DG added that the National Identification Number (NIN) is highly significant.

The NIMC  DG says the Commission would release the national identity cards, but  highlights the benefit of the National Identification Number to Nigerians.

NIMC also plans to expand its registration centres across the country as well as licence the private sector to capture data for the agency.

An all-inclusive and comprehensive national identity database is critical for security, public services, revenue generation, amongst others. With NIMC’s data, the age, address, work place, phone numbers, bank details, health status, and other information would be readily available to government. This ultimately, will enhance better service delivery on the part of government and promote the rapid development of Nigeria.

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