Japanese Smartphone Brand Set to debut in Nigeria

The constant worries of numerous smartphone users in Nigeria may soon be a thing of the past, as a renowned Japanese smart phone company is reportedly set to make a grand entry into the Nigerian and West African market.

Media sources close to the Japanese, headquarters of the ambitious smartphone brand indicate that the company is putting finishing touches to a bold roll-out plan that will see it expand to over 20 countries.

Interestingly, Nigeria has been identified as the hub of its expansion into Africa.

This is a development that is bound to serve as a thrilling news for many Nigerians disillusioned by the increasing prevalence of some fake and poor quality products, for which many have pointed fingers at the growing economic influence of China which has resulted in a flood of made-in-China products in the market and the unscrupulous actions of product counterfeiters, among others.

Culturally conservative with an uncompromising eye for quality and a time-honoured tradition of reliability, Japanese brands are renowned the world over for their sheer ability to deliver great value for money. Mega brands such as Toyota, Datsun, Casio, Ajinomoto, Canon Inc., Bridgestone, ASICS, Fujifilm, Konami, General Air conditioners, Hitachi and Kenwood Corporation, among others, are quite familiar and popular among Nigerians, having not only expanded their spheres of operations to the country but constantly delivering great products and services over the years.

According to the reports, the impending entry of the smartphone brand into Nigeria is also down to renewed investor confidence in the Nigerian economy as the nation’s economic prospects is said to continue to gain momentum and stability.

Watchers of the Nigerian economy believe that with a slightly more flexible foreign exchange policy, a predominantly youthful population, increased government earnings as well as the record spending expected in the recently passed 7.298tn budget for 2017, Nigeria is seen as a major investment destination for eager investors, many of whom are optimistic of the future growth potential in the country.

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