SystemSpecs Offers More To Nigerians On Remita

SysytemSpecs, a Leading financial technology company in Nigeria recently released the full version of Remita app on Android and iOS said it’s the continued attempt to deepen its penetration in Nigeria’s ever growing Fintech market.

Remita App is designed to help individuals and businesses manage their accounts across multiple banks, settle bills of various kinds and generally stay in control of their finances seamlessly. It also comes with advanced features which are designed to protect users from fraud. It is the mobile version of the award-winning Remita payment solution which has for more than a decade helped many individuals and organisations to make and receive payments easily.

With the full release of Remita Mobile App on Google playstore and Apple app store, millions of Nigerians with accounts in any commercial bank can easily access their account balances on one screen, conveniently make and receive payments across various bank accounts, and settle bills to several merchants within the private and public sectors from their mobile phone.

In addition to the features earlier made available on the app during its beta release, users of Remita Mobile App will now enjoy a number of new features which would enable them to seamlessly make payments for others, view their payslip, and manage their business and personal accounts.

The distinction of the new App is that it allows users, whether individuals or businesses, to request payments from anyone in style. All the payer would need to do is to snap the QR code from their smartphone or tap their device against the biller’s to complete transactions.

The security of access and transactions on the platform has been prioritised through standard industry security measures as well as specific security layers built into the app. Such measures include Personal Security Number, fingerprint authentication and One-Time Password (OTP) verification.

SME owners can easily switch between their business and personal profiles on the platform. They can also translate their existing physical process flows into a virtual form.

As a result individuals, who for instance play different roles in various organisations as transaction approvers, would be able to play such roles using Remita Mobile App from their mobile phone – without needing to make physical appearances at work.

“Remita App places so much power in the hands of users by making it much easier and faster for them to manage their accounts across various banks and settle bills, on-the-go,” said John Obaro, Managing Director of SystemSpecs.

“It is particularly exciting that so much can be done from the comfort of their mobile device, without needing any other mobile app, any token, or visiting any bank branch.”

“The fintech market is saturated with apps performing related functions. As part of our brand strategy, we continually innovate to achieve product differentiation for the benefit of our consumers. Remita is the end product of this longstanding effort,” said Adédèjì Olówè, executive director, Products and Services, at SystemSpecs.

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