OLX Operations in Nigeria and Kenya To Shutdown

OLX, the South African multinational e-commerce platform (classified site), is shuting down operations in two of the most lucrative markets; Nigeria and Kenya.

The closure of OLX operations in two of Africa’s strongest e-commerce markets was confirmed from several internal sources within both territories. OLX, founded as an alternative to Craigslist and fully acquired by South Africa media giant Naspers in 2010, has been struggling to make its businesses in Kenya and Nigeria viable since it entered those markets in 2012.

some staff of OLX Nigeria working

The employees of the company in Nigeria and Kenya were formally informed of the decision on Tuesday, with a notice of termination to staff beginning in March, followed by for the management team in April. The company is now expected to put its full focus on South Africa.

It is not clear how many staff have been affected by the decision but in Kenya a lot of livestock and agro based clients of the platform will be disappointed, as the platform is one of the main ways to sell farm products, as well as cars. OLX joins a long list of e-commerce businesses who have wrapped up business in west and east Africa over the past two years after failing to break even.

In 2015, Nigeria based Efritin.com closed down with then CEO  Nils Hammer, citing high cost of data, poor internet penetration and adoption as well as economic woes of the country as the prevalent factors responsible for their exit from the Nigerian e-commerce market. Jumia has also had to consolidate all its assets into single units to reduce overhead costs. In Ghana, the initial success of Tonaton has given way to a difficult few years.

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