Policy Breach: Zuckerberg Apologizes To The U.S Senate

Story by: Aliyu Jamiu Adeiza

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has apologized to the US senate over the incident of policy breach and secret profiling of Facebook users and the general public especially the United States citizens.

Zuckerbag, while facing the United States Senate’s Committee on Judiciary, to answer tough questions from the lawmakers regarding the revelations of data harvesting by Cambridge Analytica.

Mr. Zuckerberg, clad in a navy suit and bright blue tie, faced hours of questioning from lawmakers, who pressed him to account for how third-party partners could have access to data without users’ knowledge. Senator John Thune of South Dakota talked about the need for Facebook to avoid creating “a privacy nightmare.”

This was Mr. Zuckerberg’s first appearance before Congress, prompted by the revelation that Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm linked to the Trump campaign, harvested the data of an estimated 87 million Facebook users to psychologically profile voters during the 2016 election.

Much of the hearing has centered on Cambridge Analytica. The hearing was called as a result of reporting by The New York Times on the company’s data harvesting. Lawmakers asked Mr. Zuckerberg what, if anything, he knew about Cambridge’s harvesting, what he was doing to ensure it would not happen again and whether he knew of other operations that engaged in similar data collection on the platform.

Mr. Zuckerberg said Facebook would be investigating many apps, tens of thousands of apps, and “If we find any suspicious activity, we’re going to conduct a full audit of those apps to understand how they’re using their data and if they’re doing anything improper. If we find that they’re doing anything improper, we’ll ban them from Facebook and we will tell everyone affected.”

He apologized and took responsibility of the incident of policy breach and secret profiling of Facebook users and the general public especially the United States citizens and assured the congress men that his team are currently in the process of investigating how peoples’ profile and secrets were acquired by the Cambridge Analytica to help the present President of the United States Donald Trump to win the 2016 Presidential Election in the United State of America. He described Facebook to be a place for “connecting people and the world”.


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