Big Brother Naija: The Dangerous Game Of Money


By Temidayo Badmus,


The recently concluded third season of reality TV show, Big Brother Naija “Double Wahala”, may have made billion from viewers.

The host of the show, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, revealed that over 170 million votes were cast in the course of the season, 30 million of it coming in the final week.

Observers say it is a game of money. If you don’t believe, commentators on social media suggest the show may have raked in as much as N5.1billion.

The calculation being made is that going by the 170million people who voted during the show and paid N30 per SMS, the revenue from the show would be N5.1billion.

Based on how the BBNaija game works, viewers were asked to cast votes for their favourite housemates to keep them in the house as the housemate with the highest votes would win. The cost of voting was N30.

The winner took home a N45 million package containing N25 million in cash, a new SUV worth N12 million, a complete home entertainment system worthN3.3 million and an all-expense paid trip for two worth N4.7 million.

This numbers show that the organisers of the show may have made a huge profit from proceeds of the show.

The revenue from SMS excludes proceeds from adverts and sponsorships from PayPorte, Heritage bank, MiniMee, Pepsi, Dano milk, among others.

BB Naija came to a close on Sunday with Miracle emerging the winner after 85 days of competition with 19 other housemates.

The show started on January 28. Miracle will goes home with N25 million. The Big Brother Naija five finalists were Miracle, Cee-C, Tobi, Alex and Nina

He emerged winner of the BigBrotherNaija (Double Wahala) final wager challenge. The lucky Big Brother Naija housemate, had earlier emerged winner of the season’s Payporte arena games challenge with a prize of N1 million. He also won the Pepsi Challenge carting away the sum of N1million. Miracle was again lucky to have won N200, 000 wager allowance after picking the box tagged number two. Miracle won the cash in a contest with seven other Big Brother Naija housemates. They were all instructed by BigBrother to pick a box each labelled 1- 10. BigBrother, who presented the wager challenge as the simplest of the season, presented housemates with 10 suitcases with gift items in each of the boxes. BigBrother said one of the suitcases contained a cash reward and instructed housemates not to pick the suitcase containing the cash reward. He said if any of the housemates picked the suitcase containing the cash reward the housemate wins the cash reward but the house loses the wager.

Housemates were given two minutes to pick and open a box of their choice using the pin code 777. Miracle picked the box labelled number 2, which contained the money.

Aside organisers of the show making good fortunes, sponsors of the show like Payporte, Coca cola, Indomie, Heritage bank and others will be very happy because they have gotten value for money. They reach out to wider audiences and that can only result into more money.

As if making money officially isn’t enough, returnee BBNaija housemates especially the girls who missed out on the N45million largesse, were advised by an Abuja based actress, Charity Nnaji to seize the opportunity of the loud ovation to make good money by sleeping with Politicians.

The advice came with some backlash but, following tradition, it will be difficult for these housemates to maintain the celeb lifestyles they have set for themselves.

According to her, “Welcome back to Nigeria. Please, tell the housemates of Big Brother Naija, especially the girls to utilize this opportunity and platform to make more money by sleeping with politicians instead of taking selfies and uploading on Instagram,” she advised.

Unperturbed by the bewilderment of Potpourri, of her declaration, the pretty actress continued, saying she has her proof of how former housemates have made so much money sleeping with politicians

“They can confirm from the first set that left the house. Some charge one million a night. One such incident happened right in my presence. One former housemate was telling a Senator on phone that if he could not pay one million naira for a night, he should forget about it”.

Whether or not you believe it, housemates need to ‘hustle’ in the Nigerian contest. This is one of the unofficial ways and it will last till next year edition. 

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