CECAD, NCC Holds World Safer Internet Day 2019

The Centre for Cyber Awareness and Development (CECAD) and the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC has continued to champion the call for a safer internet in Nigeria.

Just as it was held last year, CECAD and the NCC with support from the Nigerian Internet Registration Association, NiRA marked World Safer Internet Day 2018 on Tuesday, February 5, 2019.

The event held at the NIRA office in Lagos saw Mr. Aminu Abdullahi who represented the Executive Vice Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer of NCC, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta in attendance. Aminu told the audience made of stakeholders within the ICT ecosystem in Nigeria that the commission is not relenting in its effort to make the internet space safe for Nigerians.

In his words, Aminu Abdullahi said, “As a regulator, the NCC has played its role to ensure Nigerians are safe online. This we do through awareness programmes all over the country. We work on preventing cyber crimes. We believe in creating awareness because we notice that these crimes are committed because the victims are not informed. The NCC also created the Computer Security Incident Response Team to immediately curb online threats. This is at the implementation stage.” He said.

Executive Secretary at NiRA who represented the President Mr. Sunday Folayan, Mrs. Edith Udeagu also spoke on the issues of Child Online protection and the general safety of Nigerian Internet users.

“NIRA ensures that people are aware of their Nigerian identity online. This is very vital in keeping the internet safe. With the .ng domain name, sources of crimes can be traced to their roots. We have been able to trace registrars of websites to resolve so many issues lately. We use the NIRA academy to hold various seminars all to ensure the internet is safe.”

Also speaking, Emma Okonji, President of the Nigerian Information Technology Reporters Association, said bullying and harassment online call for all stakeholders to find a solution, “We have seen a lot of bullying on the internet. We have seen lots of harassment, hacking and intimidation. The internet has become part of our lives and we need to keep it safe. It must be safe because that is where we spent most of our time now. We have seen situations, where peoples’ computers are shut down and hackers, demand ransom from the owners. It has become our collective effort to ensure the safety of the internet.”

A group of panelists rounded off the event by shedding more lights on some of the problems of Internet safety in Nigeria. Members of the panelist include David Alozie of Disruptive Africa, Yemi Odetola, Editor of Cyber Era, Remmy Nweke of This Day Newspaper and Mr. Clifford Agugoesi.

The panelist extended their discussion across Data availability, Online security, Convergence, Value Chain and Child online protection.

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