FG Launched New Digital Identity Ecosystem Programme

For effective identity management, the Federal Government has launched the new Digital Identity Ecosystem to be able to collect the citizens’ biometric data nationwide within the shortest time.

Speaking on this at the 2091 lunchtime reform seminar organized by Public Service Reforms, the Director General of the Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Engr. Aliyu Aziz, said, “The purpose of the ecosystem approach is to leverage existing capabilities and enrollment facilities of government agencies, partners and private sector organizations in Nigeria, as opposed to building new ones”.

He further emphasized that with the approval of the Federal Executive Council of the National Roadmap on Identity Development in Nigeria, the NIMC regulations 2017, ISO Certified and upgraded backend in place, it is time to implement the mandatory usage of the National Identification Number.

Aziz said the ecosystem processes will constitute “trusted partners and a “pay-per-play model to facilitate successful enrolments and fast-track the process nationwide.

The new Digital Identity Ecosystem is a Federal Government-led initiative to collect biometric data nationwide in one-go by leveraging the existing ecosystem of all government agencies including federal, state and LGAs and the private sector.

He asked that all agencies work together to achieve the objectives and bequeath a sustainable and credible system of identity to our nation and its future.

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