Transatlantic multimedia institute is focused on providing educational steps towards the extension of multimedia skills and business management, enterprise and professional studies in the digital influenced world.

The institute also upgrade students with knowledge, skills and experience of “Traditional media” subjects such as Lighting, Film, Composition, etc. –the Institute also teaches new classes reflecting the requirements of today’s artistic methods and technology such as “Virtual reality, producing for online, animation, cartoons, tv and radio presentation, web design, interview techniques, special effects, graphics, not excluding both real and virtual pre-production, production and post-production along with digital pre-visualization.

Classes include discussion on the evolution of multimedia, broadcasting, technology, Cinematography and Visual Art, along with discussions of technical and scientific dilemmas. Career study and development. The school is also open to directors, producers and actors who need to have a better understanding of the nature of film and filmmakers and business management.

The goal of the institute is to take students to the next level and put them in a position to compete successfully in the crowded job market. We also provide instruction, a “tool kit”, for the beginning and continuation of meaningful and effective careers as in today’s fast, ever-changing, contemporary world with art and technology. The knowledge gained at TMI will get students well equip with skills needed in todays world. It will also help the students create jobs and build skills for today and tomorrows industry.


Your Future in Multimedia Applications Starts Here

Recent advances in digital technology and fiber optics have revolutionized the way we live and learn and entertain. Multimedia is used today in movies, education, entertainment, marketing, advertising, information services, teleconferencing, publishing, interactive television, and product demonstration. With the rapid transfer of information and the growing need to present this information in a powerful way, individuals with the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively will flourish in the multimedia industry.

The Multimedia Certificate Program at transatlantic multimedia institute is interdisciplinary and draws upon the expertise and knowledge of several departments, colleges, and centers within the University, as well as outside expertise from industry professionals. It covers web design, professional audio /video online content, monetizing online content, television presentation, reportorial/production, graphics design and illustration, web content, e-commerce, digital media /marketing delivery, and more.

The courses in this certificate program are courses design for market place skills. The course takes details on hands on training to the extent not available in any regular university or polytechnic. It gets you relevant in the modern work place globally. It provides skills of global relevance.

Curriculum Outline

There are special courses available on request:

· Introduction to Multimedia
· Graphics for Multimedia and the World Wide Web
· Desktop Video Production
· Website Development
· Photographic Imaging
· Computer Graphics & Illustration
· Introduction to Graphic Design
· Website Design
· Advanced Website Design
· E-Commerce
· Introduction to HTML
· Introduction to XML
· Digital Media Delivery
· Monetization of online content
· Digital marketing
· Apps development
· Tv , radio and online production
· Presentation and interview skills
· Audio/visual editing
· Voice training

The Benefits of Learning at Transatlantic Multimedia Institute

The institute has built a solid reputation by offering one of the largest selections of online and offline programs available through a traditional hands on training institute . Courses are taught by veterans who are experts in their fields, and by adjunct centres and institutes who, as practicing professionals, bring real-world experience to the class discussions.

At TMI we are committed to providing you with high-quality, affordable programs that make earning todays skills or certificate more convenient than ever before. Our students have access to online course technical support 24X7, and our advisors and program coordinators are happy to help you with your questions.

For More Information
For additional information on any of our programs, call 08055001878 or training@tmclonline.com.ng

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(Global statistics have shown that there will be well over 10 per cent constant growth in the need for multimedia skills globally and much more in Africa over the next 15years.)