Cyber Africa TV/Radio and magazine.

It’s about the smart use of technology to report Africa issues and development with respect to e-business, e- transactions, e- government and other electronic based initiatives across the continent.

 It is a television programme designed to take a look at the opportunities inherent in the digital age with a view to connecting Africa with the rest of the world using technology. It also takes time to focus on developmental issues in business, education, health, tourism, culture entertainment and how governments across the region can foster development by deploying ICT. The programme on a weekly basis x-rays trending issues about Africa or of Africa interest on the cyberspace form business policy to applications and technology for development. CYBER AFRICA is broadcast on AIT FLAGSHIP KAAKAKI the African voice every Tuesday on a prime network belt of between 6.30am and 7am. The magazine is published monthly

www.tmclonline.com.ng/cyberafrica or www.youtube.com/cyberafricatv